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At JB’s, Purified Drinking Water we have taken this one step further, our Reverse Osmosis water is “Living Water” and dare we say EXCLUSIVE to JB’s.

The World Health Organisation grades the quality of water using a PPM of TDS as the measuring criteria with 500 PPM being the maximum for human consumption.

Melbourne tap water, hang onto your seat now, is approximately 120 PPM, but can vary depending on which storage facility is sourced, and now with the drought replenishing our precious resources the chance of higher TDS are very real.

But JB’s doesn’t stop there. Prior to bottling water flows through an ultraviolet steriliser as a double guarantee against you ingesting anything other than pure healthy drinking water.

Other than the obvious hydration; the reason you need to drink water is to flush the toxins out of your system. If you aren’t drinking Reverse Osmosis 5 Phase Filter water double treated with Ultraviolet Sterilisation you are most like contaminating your body not cleansing it.

So what say you – do you want the Purest, Healthiest, Life Enhancing Drinking water on the market today?